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Oh Hai!

I have to admit i never have done a skin review here is my first try hehe.. ok so here we go: I am honored to show 2 new skin lines of my sweet and incredible talentated friend Lalu Bonetto. She is the kick-ass awesome creator of the store GATO. I was always so much in love with her vintage styled stuff.. and as expected her first skins are just awesome. I had so much fun while making the pictures and choosing hair and accessory to fit the skins! thank you Lalu! <3

All Skins are available at GATO skins

GATO – Lidia

other credits:

1. hair by (Posh) (Jeanie Valois),  shirt by !-tb- (Julliette Westerburg)

2. hair by *eha (Salut Erin), shirt by LeLutka (Thora Charron)

3. hair by  (Posh) (Jeanie Valois) , shirt by Emery (sunami Beck)

4. hair by WILDO (hanakarakusa Habana), headband by Duboo (for Pookie flea Market) (Newreem Waffle), shirt by AOHARU (machang Pichot)

5. hair by Boon (boo Nakamura) , Glasses by Duboo, shirt by artilleri (Antonia Marat)

6. hair by [kik] (as001 Littlething) scarf by Duboo, shirt by Pig ( Apatia Hammerer )

GATO – Leia

other credits:

1. hair by !lamb (Lamb Bellic) , headband loveme.Pookie Flea Market (Callia Pearl)

2. hair by [OH] (Fhaya Denimore)

3. hair by “”D!va” (Marisa Kira), shirt by *COCO* (cocoro Lemon)

4. hair by !lamb (Lamb Bellic) , necklace Miel (Mika Nieuport) past FLF

5. hair by (fd) (Toast Bard), shirt *oyakin (kinbo Akina)

6. hair by [kik] (as001 Littlething) , shirt by R.icielli (Fhara Acacia) for TDR

i wear (left):

hair: WILDOhair lii (hanakarakusa Habana)

skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lillbe (Sopha Portal)

hat: {theosophy} Waterbeck Hat (Trace Osterham)

feathers: **TCinSHELTER**FeatherHeadpiece (bambi63 Rehula)

glasses: Gritty Kitty: Ducklips Glasses (Noam Sprocket)

dress: Tee*fy Chalk Dress (Azure Electricteeth)

leggins: Tee*fy Popish Yellow (Azure Electricteeth)

shoes: **DP**yumyum: Simple pumps gacha (toraji Voom)

rikka wears (right):

skin: Glam affair –  Sofia Dark Skin (aida Ewing)

hair: ::MC:: Hair Bomber Wild1 Female (mayamaya Indigo)

dress: COCO – One shoulder dress White (cocoro Lemon)

socks: picnic Suspernder socks – Beige (nyasyousa Oh)

shoes: Kookie – Nudes Wedges (Kookie Lemon)

poses: xbordeaux for *hate me and eat me* – ( the old anchor)/(circa 1898); (Xanadu Capelo) – new!


rikka and me was at the so incredible beautifull done It Was A Blur – event. we really just can recommend going there, it is such a wonderfull place to take pictures, shop or just enjoy.

also i have to say: i am a really big fan of tres blah skins – but the 4 skins which are on sale at It Was A Blur, are definately under my very favorites!

i wear:

skin: -tb- Hazey Blur Makeup (Julliette Westerburg)

hair: saboteurs \ MKY001 (Masashi Hoffnung)

outfit: The Last Thing I Remember – Blur (Sienia Trevellion)

rikka wears:

skin: -tb- Arsenic Blur Makeup (Julliette Westerburg)

hair: (Posh) –  Push & Shoved ; Platinum (Jeanie Valois)

outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Blur Body Suit – free (Jojorunoo Runo)

the bed in the first pictures: ~*RunoRuno*~*BR Blur Bed (Jojorunoo Runo)

poses on last pic: xbordeaux for *hate me and eat me* – ( the old anchor); (Xanadu Capelo) – not released yet

hair: !lamb. Ghost – Honeycomb – yesterday FLF (Lamb Bellic)

headband: =FT – Shoelace Headband (Itny Lisle)

skin: .::Mother Goose’s:;. (milok Hermit)

necklace: .+*AA*+. lariate and pearl necklace (aya Huldschinsky)

shirt: -tb- Romantic Chemise – this week Stumblebum Brigade (Julliette Westerburg)

skirt: -Veschi- Meshed Potatoes Skirt  w’ Belt  – past TDR blue (Alla Ruff)

bag: DUBOO*Cheesecake bag (Newreem Waffle)

flats: Tee*fy Twinkle Flats (Azure Electricteeth)

pose: [LAP]  (Dove Swanson)

look at this supercute new hair from saboteurs – i love their stuff <3

hair: saboteurs \ MKY001 (Masashi Hoffnung)

skin: !-tb- Arctic Greed Skin (Julliette Westerburg)

shirt: /artilleri/ FLF Selma blouse (for today FLF) (Antonia Marat)

hair/hat: [kik]hair-Nana_hat (as001 Littlething)

skin: -tb- Gidget skin (Julliette Westerburg)

blouse: (MNK*SHOP) Cotton tunic  (kaneyan Nicholls)

vest: oyakin*fur-vest (kinbo Akina)

skirt: AOHARU – LaceRuffleSkirt (machang Pichot)

bag: *…syaka…* Back Group Gift (sana Viper)

sandals: +ADDiCTIA+ –  Tropica Flip Flops (Oct Oakleaf)

poses: *hate me and eat me* / Oberon`s Trick

hello everyone!

my pretty partner rikka and me decided to start a new blog together. from now on we both will post here ;) yay! to celebrate that i created a cute little couple pose, which is now available for free in our store *hate me and eat me* (we sell poses).

we hope you will like it

lisl & rikka